Grace Victoria Quarter Construction Update

31st March 2017

Construction Update

Our construction team at Grace have had a busy start to the year.

With demolition works complete, the focus has been linking the concrete piles around the site perimeter with a capping beam. Temporary ground anchors have been installed to the Cook Street frontage, allowing the site to be excavated to ground floor level. The final portion of the previous building foundations has been removed.

Macrennie are currently finalising stage 2 of the building piles. Once this has been completed and the ground anchors have been installed to the remainder of the site, excavation of the basement levels will commence.

During the preparations for excavation, we unexpectedly unearthed two pre-1900s wells deep within the site. On the advice of Heritage New Zealand, an Archaeologist has been appointed to supervise the remainder of the excavation process. This will ensure any potential artefacts are preserved, without compromising the integrity of the building.

The heritage process has resulted in some delay to the early works phase of the building programme.

The Programme

As many of you will be aware, the construction market in New Zealand is undergoing a competitive and highly challenging time. Location Group and Little Projects have been working closely with our preferred builder, Macrennie, to finalise every element of the build programme – from procurement of materials, trades, processes, documentation, quality control and delivery.

Construction completion is anticipated for early-2019.

Limited Apartments Available

A limited selection of apartments are available at Grace Victoria Quarter.

If you have any family or friends who would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please ask them to contact Trisha Vincent on 021 748 264 or visit

Ongoing Communication

We will continue to communicate with you regularly throughout the construction journey.

A reminder that all Project News updates will be available to view on the Grace Victoria Quarter website under News.

Should you have any queries relating to your contract or should your contact details change at any time, please let us know by emailing