Horizon Mission Bay Construction Update

Construction at Horizon has reached new heights, with the team at Ganellen turning their attention to Level 1.

With the front portion of the ground floor slab now poured and the intertenancy walls required to lift the L1 slabs into place completed, the next step is to pour the front portion of the L1 floor slabs. This significant stage is due to be completed by the end of July, and will mark a major milestone in Horizon’s journey.

Additionally, we have almost completed enabling works on the eastern and Kepa Road frontages. Once this is finalised, we will be able to install the beams and pour the rest of the ground floor slab, completing that stage.

Finally, the first of many beautiful pre-cast timber veneer panels have been lifted into place, bringing further form to the Horizon site.

It’s truly exciting to watch Horizon continue to grow, with all teams working very diligently to stick to our construction schedule while simultaneously being respectful to our neighbours. Stay tuned for more progress updates, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @resideprojects to stay up-to-date.