Horizon Mission Bay Construction Update

We are so close to the finish line at Horizon. In November, we achieved a significant milestone with the majority of the scaffolding removed on the northern side of the building. The building finishes look magnificent. The final exterior details are underway with the remaining fins and GRC panels currently being installed. We cannot wait to reveal the complete building exterior in January.

Internally, all apartments are progressing well with many of the apartments completing the first round of architectural inspections. Ganellen are working diligently to maintain momentum over the holiday period with trades including tilers, painters and stoppers, all working through the holiday break. We will be using this time to complete the common areas, including the lift lobbies and the main entry. Vector have just completed the transformer installation, meaning the commissioning of all building services will commence in January. These are exciting milestones as we move swiftly towards 2021, the year we welcome you to your new home.

Settlement Timing

Mid-January, we will send an important settlement update with detail on how to book in a finance valuation and your pre-settlement inspection. This will be the opportunity to preview your new apartment. Inspections are scheduled to commence in February and will be staggered throughout the month as apartments are completed throughout the building.

As always, if you have any questions please get in touch with a member of the team.

We hope you have safe and happy holiday season.