Horizon Mission Bay Project Update

We're getting closer to completion at Horizon!

There's been a lot of action on site at Horizon Mission Bay over the last few months. Outside, things are really taking shape, with the timber fins dressing the exterior of the building being installed as we speak, and landscape works having commenced in the northern section. We'll begin removing the scaffolding from the garden apartments in the coming weeks, which will make way for the completion of their courtyards and gardens.

Inside, our team is hard at work as well. We now have 30 apartments officially at or past the white box stage, with kitchens arriving almost daily. Thanks to this steady progress and the clear spring weather, we are still on track for practical completion in early March 2021.

We are also pleased and excited to welcome a number of new owners to Horizon, with more sales achieved since our last update. We can't wait to welcome you all properly in the coming months!